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Contemplating the beauty of Ha Noi passing 4 seasons in one day

In those days, Hanoi weather has 4 features of 4 seasons: warm, hot, little cold and cold of spring, summer, winter and autumn.

In the early morning, Hanoi brings cold of winter. When the sun starts to ray first lights, Hanoi brings the beauty of spring.

In the noonday, when the sun shines through the city, Hanoi is hot like summer. But in the afternoon, Hanoi wears a yellow colour of Hanoi autumn with dry weather. In the evening, Hanoi returns with the cold of winter.

In the early morning, in Sword Lake, Hanoi people wear warm clothes to exercise.

In the noon, when the sun leaves clouds and starts shining warm sunny, people leaves house to enjoy warm atmosphere in spring.

People are talking under the sunny beside the train way.

In the noon, when streets become warmer, people can walk around West Lake.

Bride and groom take photos for their wedding.

Daisy- the flowers sign for the winter in sunny.

Pretty flowers in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in sunny day

Enjoy ice-cream in the winter is an interesting experience of Hanoi

When sun is brighter, Hanoi wears cloth of autumn.

West Lake next to Thanh Nien street under sparkling sun in the late afternoon

This is the best time to contemplate the beauty of West Lake

In night, Hanoi is covered by the cold of the winter

Flower vendors in night of the winter



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