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What makes Hanoi great in foreign tourists’ eyes

The noise, motorcycles, the people, history, food ... have created a charming Hanoi for each foreign tourist.


living in hanoi

Tropical weather, delicious food.

living in hanoi

Bustling streets during the day ...

living in hanoi

... and also moments of peace.

The city with over 1,000 years of history.

Excellent cuisine.

Crowded residential areas several meters from the railway.

... And motorcycles are an integral part of life in Hanoi.

People welcome new friends with glasses of draught beer.

The street hawkers.

... And those who patiently wait for customers.

Fresh and cheap beer, $0.25/glass.

Hanoi Cathedral - an interesting destination.

Colors of life at markets.

A modern-traditional city.

Enjoy the delicious taste of Vietnam coffee.

Massage only at $4 and manicure for $2.

And of course, the food here is more than great.

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